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The Melangeur consists of the support frame and turning module with a bowl made of food grade stainless steel and two millstones. This specific design facilitates the effective chocolate mass discharge by tilting the bowl. The base of the bowl and two millstones are made of hard natural granite. The rotation of the bowl is achieved by the motor reducer, and the two rolling millstones are pressed against the granite base of the bowl by the two independent pneumo-cylinders. The bowl rotation speed, the millstones pressure, the mass temperature and inclination of the turning module are controlled automatically or in the manual mode from the control panel. The Melangeur requires compressed air for stone pressure pheumatic system.

Main Technical Data:



1 Power supply (3-phase / 1-phase) 220-400 /100-240 В ~ 50/60 Гц
2 Main drive power in kW/HP 3.0/4.0

Current consumption not more than, Amps (Connection by copper wire 5 х 1,5mm (3-phase supply) or 3 х 1,5mm (1-phase supply)

4 Maximum product loading weight, kg 80
5 Total millstone pressure power, kg 0 - 1000
6 Diameter/volume of the bowl, mm/L 600/134
7 Diameter x width of the stones, mm 350 х170

Maximum rotation speed at 50 Hz, RPM


Air pressure in the pneumosystem min, MPa/flow, not more than, nL/min

10 Unit dimensions, mm, not more than 1200 х1000х1450
11 Weight, kg, not more than 400